Covid-19 Policies


As a result of the current COVID-19 epidemic and per regulations mandated by both the City of Sanibel and the Florida Governor, vacation rentals are permitted on Sanibel! You can visit the City of Sanibel website for information on beaches, parking and local businesses.

Please call our office if you have any questions and remember, BOOK DIRECTLY with Island Vacations for the lowest rate on any properties in our program.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

– Island Vacations Staff

What We Are Doing:

At this point everyone is aware of the prevalence of COVID -19 around the US and between lockdowns, working from home, virtual learning, stress and the 24-hour news cycle, a little vacation time is more than a luxury, it is a necessity!  To ease your mind, we want you to know what steps we are taking to ensure your safety while on the Island, ease some concerns, and give you a few less things to worry about!

First, we want you to know we have instituted additional cleaning and safety protocols in our office and in all of our rental properties.  This includes education about the virus, instructions to all of our staff and third-party service providers on the proper use of PPE, and detailed and rigorous cleaning mandates.  In cases where the property has not been vacant for a period of time which exceeds the lifespan of COVID-19 on household surfaces, we are taking the additional step of treating the interior with an anti-viral fogging agent. This treatment is safe even around food, furniture, dishware, pets & children, and is proven to kill coronavirus in under 60 seconds even on soft or porous surfaces.  With regard to Sanibel Island, face masks are required when inside a business or other public space, so make sure you bring sufficient face coverings for everyone in your group, because we do not provide these.  At Island Vacations we are here for you 24/7 and we are committed to providing the safest possible accommodations.

 Second, we want to make sure you understand our cancellation policy and what is and what is not covered by travel insurance.

CANCELLATION POLICY: All cancellations are subject to a $100 cancellation fee.  If it is necessary to cancel, deposits and/or prepaid funds will be forfeited unless written notice of such cancellation is received at least 90 days prior to your arrival. If you cancel outside 90 days from your arrival date, you will receive your funds back, less the cancellation fee. If you cancel within 90 days, all prepaid funds will be retained until property is rebooked for the full term/rate of your reservation.  (The reservation fee is non-refundable.)

TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE: Travel insurance through CSA Travel Protection is made available by Island Vacations as a convenience and coverage for guests who are U.S. residents.  Island Vacations is not affiliated with CSA Travel Protection and we do not underwrite insurance either individually or with third party vendors, nor do we guarantee the accuracy or quality of their services.  Although we may promote and/or recommend the services offered by CSA, this is just one of many travel insurance companies in the marketplace, and guests are encouraged to research other options to find the coverage which best fits their individual needs. All guests are ultimately responsible for understanding the services they purchase and are solely responsible for understanding the exclusions, limitations and coverage.

PLEASE NOTE: Cancellations due to: the fear of travel due to the possibly of contracting COVID-19, travel bans, state/country border closures, beach closures, bar/restaurant closures, vacation rental restrictions and government advisement to stay home and self-isolate would not be covered. However, coverage could apply if someone contracts and tests positive for COVID-19 while their coverage is in effect. Guests essentially would need to cancel for one of the listed covered reasons for coverage to apply. The list of covered reasons can be found in the Description Of Coverage (DOC) on pages 11-12, columns 30-33 under the heading “Trip Cancellation Benefit”. We will be happy to email you a copy of this document.

Below is a link to CSA Travel Insurance regarding important information and FAQ for COVID-19:

For Our Guests –

Upon Arrival, Guests Should:


covid procedures

Our Safety Procedures:


  • Ensuring our staff and workplace is safe
    • We are actively monitoring the health and wellness of all employees and third-party providers who work with us at Island Vacations.
    • All our employees are following CDC recommended healthy practices and hand washing and anti-viral measures.
    • We are going beyond CDC recommendations and conducting frequent cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces in our office, as well as having our office treated weekly with a EPA registered anti-viral fogger.
  • Working with our local health authorities and community 
    • We have communicated directly with the Lee County Department of Health and have someone available 24/7 to respond to and work with public health authorities.
    • We are in communication with the City of Sanibel, other accredited members of the Sanibel Captiva Vacation Rental Managers Association (SCVRMA) and condominium associations to better anticipate & inform our guests and monitor risk.
    • We are also constantly monitoring the interim guidance from the CDC to follow all recommendations, and make sure we are acting in a responsible manner consistent with science-based medical advice.
  • Keeping our accommodations safe
    • We will continue working with our cleaning providers and other service personnel to adhere to our policy of “enhanced cleaning” for all of our units as long as there is an elevated risk.  This includes additional disinfectant measures, education, training and other preventative measures.
    • ​Every unit which is rented is either allowed a period of vacancy between guests or the unit is treated with an EPA registered, non-carcinogenic anti-viral fogging treatment.
    • We are asking you as guests to observe recommended Florida Department of Health general prevention guidelines whether at home, traveling or staying on the Island. You can find these guidelines at
  • Sharing advice to stay healthy and working together
    • We want to remind everyone to follow guidance from your local public health authorities. If you’re sick, stay home and do not travel, and stay away from others.
    • Wash your hands frequently, and cover your cough or sneeze. For more information, visit the World Health Organization website or the CDC website.

On Behalf of all of us at Island Vacations, thank you for doing your part to help keep our communities safe, and thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.  We look forward to seeing you happy and healthy on Sanibel Island soon!

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