Our Mangroves

by Lucas Murphy

Mangroves At Ding Darling

PART of what makes Sanibel the destination to find beautiful beaches and a vast amount of exotic wild life is our Mangroves . The Mangroves are a rare form of ecosystem that creates a unique boundary between the land and sea. In this extra ordinary ecosystem it provides food and shelter for rare species that have made its bountiful green leaves and thick roots it home . The Mangroves act as a natural barrier from storms and keeps our beaches from eroding away. They are also draw in vast amounts of carbon , giving us large amounts of oxygen in return.

Roseate Spoonbill

Sadly , Mangroves are disappearing far too often. In fact the Mangroves are disappearing three to five times faster than overall global forest losses. If these beautiful ecosystems where wiped out we would lose an abundance of life with it. Storms would hit us harder and there may not be a beach to come back to. So on this day of conservation do something to help out mother nature. Even if it is just the small act of picking up an empty bottle on the beach, Every little bit helps keep this beautiful Sanibel island around . #Mangroveconservation #Savethemangroves

Mangroves at Ding Darling

When you are next visiting Sanibel you can check out these beautiful Mangroves and more when visiting Ding Darling Nation Wildlife Refuges. There you can watch and learn more about Sanibel\’s beautiful wildlife and also learn how we can preserve the Mangroves for generations to come.

For more info on the International day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystems click right here !