Springtime on Sanibel

Springtime on Sanibel Island is a special time of the year. We’re between spring break and summer vacation. It’s the perfect time for couples, or those looking for some quiet time before the kids are home for the summer, to come for a visit. Our Sanctuary Island has its own rhythm this season. Let’s see what’s going on…

It’s Turtle Time!

Baby turtles on the beach making their way to the water.

From April through October several species of sea turtles visit Sanibel to lay their eggs on our soft sandy beaches. Locally, the SCCF (Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation) staff and more than 100 volunteers monitor over 18 miles of shore each morning looking for evidence that a sea turtle has nested during the night. They mark and monitor the nests until the hatchlings emerge from the nest and head to the water. Please observe the lights out request & other turtle precautions. If you are staying in a beachfront unit, you’ll be asked to turn off outside lights at night & use the blackout blinds. These and other simple requests play a huge part in the successful sea turtle nesting population that visit Sanibel yearly. We love our turtles & we know you will too! Please observe them from a distance. The website will give you more information SCCF Turtle Information. If you\’re lucky, you might see a turtle dig a nest, or later in the year, observe the hatchlings making their way to the water.


Everyone’s Favorite Pastime – Shelling!

Juniona & other shells of Sanibel

Did you know that Sanibel has over 250 types of shells washing up along its shores? Did you know that The Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum on Sanibel Island is the only shell museum in the nation?

Even if you’ve never looked at a seashell before, you can leave Sanibel as a shell “expert”. One walk along the beach and you’ll know why people come from all over the world to hunt for shells. Besides having the only nationally recognized Shell Museum, we have a pretty famous “sheller” in our midst. iLoveShelling is the creation of local resident & shelling enthusiast, Pam Rambo. You can contact Pam for a private shell tour.

Or create your own shelling adventure by walking the shore. Low tide is the best time to collect shells, but anytime is a good time for finding shells on Sanibel. After a rain storm or windy days are also great times to shell!

Stop at our front office for an identification card, or take your best shells to the Shell Museum, you can learn about what you found & possibly make your own souvenir. See our previous blog post for shell museum information.

Here are tide charts, courtesy of iLoveShelling to help you plan the best shelling times: iLoveShellingTideCharts


If you find a Junonia, stop in at the Island Reporter office behind The Village Shops (2340 Periwinkle) Monday through Friday during business hours. They will take a photo of you and your shell, and put you in the local paper!

See you Soon!